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DREAM LIFE 2K Restoration Trailer: Mireille Dansereau’s Feminist Drama Is Restored For Its 50th Anniversary

The year 1972 was quite a year for cinema. Ranging from classics such as The Godfather, to Solaris, to Cries and Whispers, those films have been praised by cinephiles from all over. But one underappreciated film from that same year might be getting its long-due appreciation thanks to a new 2K restoration from Arbelos. Mireille Dansereau’s Dream Life is a portrait of a friendship between two young women who realize that reality is far different from their dreams. The first female-directed film out of Quebec, also shot on 16mm, will be screened for one week at Metrograph beginning on November 4.

Here’s an official synopsis:

The first female-directed narrative fiction feature to come out of Quebec, Dansereau’s sensual and beguiling Dream Life centers on Isabelle and Virginie (Liliane Lemaître-Auger and Véronique Le Flaguais), two single young women who meet through their work at a Montreal film production company and become fast friends, sharing their romantic fantasies and disillusions, and setting out together to conduct a sort of field study in desire. Punctuating her story with visions of memories and daydreams, Dansereau creates an intimate interior double portrait, exploring the tricky relationship between Women’s Liberation and the prison of yearning. Dream Life was restored in 2K from the original reversal Super 16 mm elements by Elephant – mémoire du cinema Québécois.

See the 2K restoration trailer below:

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