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*Watch It Right Now* — LONG DAYS

When he won our August ’12 Short Film Contest, Adam Keleman only made a trailer available for his truly haunting Long Days. Fortunately, enough time has passed that Keleman has finally decided to post the whole film online. Lucky for us! As I wrote in my full HTN review

Long Days is a sterling example of extremely accomplished directing, and here’s the clearest reason why: as soon as it begins, you feel it. Even if you haven’t read a description and have absolutely no idea what it’s about, a haunting pall is nonetheless immediately cast; you can just sense that darkness is on the horizon.

Recently, there has been darkness on Keleman’s personal horizon, as he’s been struggling with some extreme health issues. But a promising development has revealed itself in the form of a compatible kidney donor. Now, all he needs is some financial help to make sure this process goes off without a hitch. Contributing to a crowdsourcing campaign for a yet-to-be-made movie is noble and all, but it pales in comparison to a situation like this. So here’s your easy assignment, folks: 1) Watch Long Days; and 2) Donate here:

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