SILENT LIGHT in New York City

In the calm before the Park City storm, before you pack up your bags and thermals and snow boots, why not set the bar impossibly high for 2009? Just head over to the Film Forum to experience the year’s first must-see theatrical release, Carlos Reygadas’ Silent Light.

Even on the Film Forum’s not-very-large screens, Silent Light is a hallowed, captivating spectacle. If you haven’t already, read David Lowery’s review of the film. In a perfect world, Reygadas’ achievement would have opened at the Ziegfeld instead, but this isn’t a perfect world. Thanks to the Film Forum, however, it’s at least opening somewhere, which is something none of us thought was going to happen as recently as a few months ago.

For those of you who snoozed through last year’s brief one-week run at MoMA, don’t miss this lucky second chance!

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