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The Oak Cliff Film Festival is back June 20-23 in the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff and not only do they have a lineup sure to make a cinefile smile, HtN Editor Don Lewis (that’s me!) will be there covering the fest and HtN-er Melanie Addington is also a programmer for the fest! I’ve attended twice before and the fest is truly what a smaller, regional film fest can and should be about. Great, new indie films, screenings of legendary films, parties and community gatherings designed to celebrate the area the festival takes place in.

I’ve been to the Oak Cliff Film Festival in 2015 (write ups here) and in 2017 (write ups here) and both times provided me with unique experiences that honestly have stuck with me and always will. This year’s festival looks to be a great one as well with some HtN faves like Joel Potrykus, Zach Clark. Kelly Sears and Don Swaynos. Check out all the info on screenings and special events below and why not grab a ticket package and join us? It’s summer, you deserve a break!

See you in Oak Cliff!

– Don R. Lewis (@ThatDonLewis)

The Oak Cliff Film Festival returns for its 13th installment, inviting you to explore the wild and wonderful world of movies. Experience the bizarre, brutal, and beautiful habits of film in its natural environment: your life! These stunningly unique cinema creatures can only be observed June 20-23 at the historic Texas Theatre and other venues in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood. Widen your eyes at the discovery that everyday is a film festival and movies are all around you!


Key Highlights:

  • Opening Night Film: OMAR AND CEDRIC: IF THIS EVER GETS WEIRD (DFW Premiere). A film comprised of rare archive footage charting the intimate, artistic and personal relationship between Omar Rodriguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala from their bands At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta. Live performances by Texas bands Perdidos and Dezorah will follow, behind the screen at the Texas Theatre.
  • Special Live Performance: Swamp Dogg and MOOGSTAR following the premiere of SWAMP DOGG GETS HIS POOL PAINTED. This doc chronicles the life, career, and collaborators of the prolific and eccentric 60s/70s R&B cult icon.
  • Texas Premiere: JANET PLANET, a moody, imaginative, and touchingly relatable 90s period tale. Follow an 11-year-old misfit who spends her lonely time in rural Massachusetts escaping into imagination and attachment fascination with her melancholy mother.
  • Closing Night Film: BETWEEN THE TEMPLES, a crisis-of-faith comedy from prolific writer/director and OCFF alum Nathan Silver, starring Jason Schwartzman and Carol Kane. The story follows Ben (Schwartzman), a floundering, 40-something cantor losing his voice and will to live, who finds unexpected hope in an unlikely romance.

Additional Festival Highlights:

  • World Premiere: Short films from the third annual OCFF High School Filmmaking Workshop, presented by TRG and For Oak Cliff. Local high school students will showcase their short films created with guidance from esteemed OCFF filmmaker associates.
  • Special Presentation: A 40th anniversary presentation of the Oscar-winning doc THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK. Presented by The Office of City Council District 1, with an introduction by Policy Advisor & Community Liaison for Council Member Chad West, Jake Ettinger.
  • Interactive Event: An outdoor tutorial on ultimate frisbee led by Mr. Jamshid, the film subject of the new doc ULTIMATE CITIZENS. The first 50 participants will receive custom frisbees.
  • Grants for Filmmakers: The 2024 Oak Cliff Film Festival, in partnership with the Austin Film Society, Ley Line Entertainment, and David Lowery, offers grant funds specifically for emerging North Texas filmmakers. Additionally, the North Texas Pioneer Film Grant of $30,000 will promote DFW area filmmakers with underrepresented perspectives.


DALLAS, TX – May 20, 2024 – Oak Cliff Film Festival is excited to announce the Feature Program lineup for its 13th edition, taking place June 20-23 at the historic Texas Theatre, Bishop Arts Theatre Center, Kessler Theater, and other venues around Dallas’ vibrant Oak Cliff neighborhood. This year’s film spotting safari consists of 27 fantastic feature-length films, with more than a dozen movies having their Texas premiere at the fest. The lineup also includes a microcosm of 58 short films, opening and closing night parties, live music events, and other incredible surprises!




R.I.Y.L = Recommended if you like




OMAR AND CEDRIC: IF THIS EVER GETS WEIRD (Germany, United Kingdom, 127 mins) 7:30 PM – FRI June 20 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)

Dir. Nicolas Jack Davies

R.I.Y.L  – Fugazi’s Instrument, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Some Kind of Monster

A film that charts the artistic and personal relationship between two era-defining artists, Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala (At the Drive-In / The Mars Volta), told almost entirely through hundreds of hours of self-shot footage filmed by Omar over the last 40 years.

DFW Premiere

Filmmaker Gary Forrester in attendance





BETWEEN THE TEMPLES (USA, 111 mins) 8:00 PM – SUN June 23 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)

Dir. Nathan Silver

R.I.Y.L Harold and Maude, A Serious Man

A cantor in a crisis of faith finds his world turned upside down when his grade school music teacher re-enters his life as his new adult Bat Mitzvah student.





KNEECAP (Ireland, 105 mins) 7:00 PM – FRI June 21 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)

Dir. Rich Peppiatt

R.I.Y.L Trainspotting, Tougher than Leather, The Wind that Shakes the Barley

When fate brings Belfast teacher JJ into the orbit of self-confessed ‘low life scum’ Naoise and Liam Og, the needle drops on a hip hop act like no other. Rapping in their native Irish, they lead a movement to save their mother tongue.

DFW Premiere

With introduction by Sony Pictures President Michael Barker.


THREE SPARKS (Albania/Mexico, 95 mins) 1:15 PM – SAT June 22 – Texas Theatre (Upstairs)

Dir. Naomi Uman

R.I.Y.L Sans Soliel, Decasia, The House is Black, Atom Egoyan

With this intimate, interrogatory, and very personal triptych film Uman provides a lucid, collaborative portrait of day-to-day life in the Albanian mountain top village of Rabdsiht alongside her own first-person observations on living as a foreigner and female in a rigidly patriarchal society and endeavoring to build bonds with the local women and girls.



NOT AN ARTIST (USA, 97 mins) 2:45 PM – SAT June 22 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)

Dir. Alexi Pappas & Jeremy Teicher

R.I.Y.L [Problemista, Theater Camp, Broad City “Abbi Is Not A Sandwich”

Pappas (A young woman) is accepted into a residency program created by the wealthy enigmatic benefactor “The Abbott” (RZA) for high-potential artists suffering from creative constipation.

DFW Premiere


BOOGER (USA, 78 mins) 3:45 PM – SAT June 22 – Bishop Arts Theatre Center

Dir. Mary Dauterman

R.I.Y.L [Cat People,] The Black Cat, Teeth, Bitch

After the death of her best friend Izzy, Anna focuses all her attention on Booger, the stray cat that she and Izzy took in. When Booger bites her, she begins to undergo a strange transformation.


Filmmaker Mary Dauterman in attendance

Proceeded by

SHOW TONIGHT (USA, 6 mins) – Dir. Emily DeForest

A story about a girl who has a show tonight that no one wants to go to.


SLEEP (S. Korea, 95 mins) 7:00 PM – SAT June 22 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)

Dir. Jason Yu.

R.I.Y.L Rosemary’s Baby, Ju-On: The Grudge, Poltergeist

A young, expectant wife must figure out how to stop her husband’s nightmarish sleepwalking habits before he harms himself or his family. In Korean with English subtitles.


[followed by pre-recorded Q/A with Filmmaker Jason Yu]


THE VOURDALAK (France, 91 mins) 9:45 PM – Friday June 21 – Texas Theatre (upstairs)

Dir. Adrien Beau

R.I.Y.L Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu, Dead Silence, Le Pacte de Loups

Lost in a hostile forest, the Marquis d’Urfé, a noble emissary of the King of France, finds refuge in the home of a strange family. Director Adrien Beau’s tale of the original vampire, shot in Super 16 and featuring a haunting marionette used to portray the titular ghoul. In French with English subtitles.


Preceded by live demonstration from Le Theatre de Marionette


NEVER LOOK AWAY (New Zealand, 85 mins) 1:00 PM – SUN June 23 – Kessler Theatre

Dir. Lucy Lawless

R.I.Y.L  Whirlybird, Cameraperson,  “Xena Warrior Princess”

Swashbuckling CNN combat camerawoman, Margaret Moth, risks it all to put the viewer inside the conflict. When a fateful injury gets in the way of her appetite for danger and adrenaline, Moth must find the strength to carry on.



SEEKING MAVIS BEACON (USA, 102 mins) 2:00 PM – SUN June 23 – Texas Theatre (Upstairs)

Dir. Jazmin Renée Jones

R.I.Y.L Spellbound, Exit Through the Gift Shop, F for Fake

Jazmin Renée Jones investigates the mysterious Mavis Beacon, whose courses taught millions of people to type in the ‘80s. But who was she? Was she even real? Seeking Mavis Beacon is an inventive look at technology and Black representation.


Followed by pre-recorded Q/A with Filmmaker Jazmin Renee Jones


NAKED AMBITION: BUNNY YEAGER (USA, 71 mins) 3:30 PM – SUN June 23 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)

Dir. Dennis Scholl, Kareem Tabsh

R.I.Y.L Mapplethorpe, The Notorious Bettie Page, PinUp Girl

She popularized the bikini, invented the selfie, discovered Bettie Page and slyly snuck feminist agency into the most unlikely of spaces—men’s magazines. Her creative contributions were both unabashedly delectable and ahead of their time. Miami photographer Bunny Yeager (1926-2014) made an indelible mark on US popular culture yet today she remains largely unknown.


Filmmakers Kareem Tabsh and Dennis Scholl in attendance


THE BECOMERS (USA, 86 mins) 4:15 PM – SUN June 23 – Texas Theatre (Upstairs)

Dir. Zach Clark

R.I.Y.L Save Yourselves, Body Snatchers, Liquid Sky

Escaping their dying planet, two body-snatching alien lovers arrive separately on Earth. Jumping from body to body in search of each other, they dig deeper and deeper into the madness of modern society.


Filmmaker Zach Clark in attendance.


JANET PLANET (USA, 113 mins) 5:15 PM – SUN June 23 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)

Dir. Annie Baker

R.I.Y.L Lady Bird, Together, The Ballad of Jack and Rose

In rural Western Massachusetts, 11-year-old Lacy spends the summer of 1991 at home, enthralled by her own imagination and the attention of her mother, Janet. As the months pass, three visitors enter their orbit, all captivated by Janet.



NOCTURNES (India/USA, 83 mins) 6:45 PM – SUN June 23 – Texas Theatre (Upstairs)

Dir. Anirban Dutta, Anupama Srinivasan

R.I.Y.L Manakamana, Leviathan

In the dense forests of the Eastern Himalayas, moths are whispering something to us. In the dark of night, two curious observers shine a light on this secret universe.






HÄXAN (Denmark, 1922, 105 mins) 9:30 PM – FRI June 21 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)

Dir. Benjamin Christensen

R.I.Y.L Die Nibelungen, The Witch

Grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns, and a satanic Sabbath: Benjamin Christensen’s legendary silent film uses a series of dramatic vignettes to explore the scientific hypothesis that the witches of the Middle Ages and early modern era suffered from the same ills as psychiatric patients diagnosed with hysteria in the film’s own time. Due to its perceived criticism of organized religion and disturbing imagery (relative to its time), it was banned in several countries upon its release. This new live score ranges from Gregorian-influenced organ pieces to various styles of heavy metal and is narrated by Kelli Bland.

With live score by David Didonato & narrator Kelli Bland


THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK (USA, 1984, 88 mins) 1:15 PM- SUN June 23 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)

Dir. Robert Epstein

R.I.Y.L MILK, The Case Against 8

A true twentieth-century trailblazer, Harvey Milk was an outspoken human rights activist and one of the first openly gay U.S. politicians elected to public office; even after his assassination in 1978, he continues to inspire disenfranchised people around the world. The Oscar-winning The Times of Harvey Milk, directed by Robert Epstein and produced by Richard Schmiechen, was as groundbreaking as its subject. One of the first feature documentaries to address gay life in America, it’s a work of advocacy itself, bringing Milk’s message of hope and equality to a wider audience. This exhilarating trove of original documentary material and archival footage is as much a vivid portrait of a time and place (San Francisco’s historic Castro District in the seventies) as a testament to the legacy of a political visionary.


Presented by The office of City Council District 1


THE CASSANDRA CAT (Czechoslovakia, 1963, 104 mins) 5:45 PM – SUN June 23 – Bishop Arts Theater Center

Dir. Vojtěch Jasný

R.I.Y.L [Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, Daisies, The Sun In A Net]

In this modern-day fairy tale and rediscovered Czech New Wave cult classic, an ordinary Bohemian village is visited by a magician (Jan Werich), his beautiful assistant (Emília Vásáryová), and a magic cat with the power to reveal people in colors that indicate their true natures: yellow for the unfaithful, purple for liars, red for lovers like Robert (Vlastimil Brodský), a bighearted school teacher whose independence of thought places him at odds with the town’s conservative authorities. When the cat reveals the villagers as they really are and the town descends into whimsical chaos, humorless school principal Karel (Jiří Sovák) vows to hunt down the feline and put an end to its anarchic reign.

DFW Premiere of the New 4K restoration





UNDERGROUND ORANGE (Argentina, 85 mins) 9:15 PM – FRI June 21 – Bishop Arts Theater Center

Dir. Michael Taylor Jackson

R.I.Y.L The Doom Generation, Law of Desire, Cecil B. Demented

A Californian backpacker becomes entangled in a polyamorous relationship with a gang of young actors who plot to kidnap the US Ambassador to Argentina.


Filmmaker Michael Taylor Jackson in attendance

Preceded by

THE OTHER PARTNERS (USA, 9 mins) – Dir. Destinee Stewart

While preparing for their first dinner party together, Rowyn’s boyfriend, Raj, discovers her dildo in a kitchen drawer. Raj, feeling insecure, shames Rowyn for her practices…and then he finds more. What ensues is a comedic battle of the sexes as Raj expresses his discomfort and Rowyn stands up for her right to choose self-love, healing, and sexual intimacy through masturbation.


VULCANIZADORA (USA, 85 mins) 7:15 PM – FRI June 21 – Texas Theatre (Upstairs)

Dir. Joel Potrykus

R.I.Y.L [BUZZARD, On the Count of Three]

Two friends undertake a disturbing mission in Michigan woods, but when their plan fails, one confronts surreal, unsettling repercussions at home.


Filmmakers Joel Potrykus, Adam Minnick and star Joshua Burge in attendance

GOOD ONE (USA, 89 mins) 4:50 PM – SAT June 22 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)

Dir. India Donaldson

R.I.Y.L Old Joy, Aftersun, You Can Count on Me

During a weekend backpacking trip in the Catskills, 17-year-old Sam navigates the clash of egos between her father and his oldest friend.



LOVE AND WORK (USA, 72 mins) 1:30 PM – SAT June 22 – Bishop Arts Theater Center

Dir. Pete Ohs

R.I.Y.L [House of Games, Metropolitan, Career Opportunities]

Diane and Fox love to work. Unfortunately, they live in a polarized world where having a job is illegal.


FIlmmaker Peter Ohs in attendance

Preceded by

FLAIL (USA, 13 mins) – Dir. Ben Gauthier

Allie, a distracted personal assistant, frantically prepares for her boss’s birthday party through a blur of gridlocked parking garages and fast-casual salad chains on a desperate quest to achieve a single thing that she initially set out to do.

FANTASY A GETS A MATTRESS (USA, 79 mins) 6:00 PM – SAT June 22 – Texas Theatre (Upstairs)

Dir. Noah Zoltan Sofian, David Norman Lewis

R.I.Y.L (CB4, Napoleon Dynamite, Life Animated)

Fantasy A, real-life autistic Seattle rapper, suffers trials and tribulations from total creeps as he attempts to become a superstar. After being kicked out of his group home onto the grim summer streets, Fantasy A sets off on an odyssey to achieve fame and find a good mattress to sleep on in this ensemble comedy filmed entirely on location in Seattle.


Filmmakers Noah Zoltan Sofian, David Norman Lewis, Safiye Sentürk and star Fantasy A  in attendance





ULTIMATE CITIZENS (USA, 52 mins) 5:45 PM – SAT June 22 – Bishop Arts Theater Center

Dir. Francine Strickwerda

R.I.Y.L Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot, Hoop Dreams, Mighty Ducks

Jamshid is an Iranian who came to study in 1970’s America, and due to the Revolution, never went “home.” As a guidance counselor in Seattle Public Schools, Jamshid’s best work takes place out of the building and on a playing field with “his kids,” the children of refugees and immigrants. Their parents are in the grips of their own struggles to make a living and a home in a strange land. Mr. Jamshid is the charismatic, fiery, funny human with a Frisbee in hand, who is the first to show that “love wins” on the field, off the field, at home with family, or boldly forging a new community, in a new country – one kid, chicken, extreme mile and friend at a time.


Filmmaker Francine Strickwerda and star Jamshid Khajavi

Preceded by

EXPANDING SANCTUARY (USA, 20 mins) – Dir. Kristal Sotomayor

An immigrant mother emerges as a community leader during the historic campaign to end the sharing of the Philadelphia police database with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Expanding Sanctuary tells a rarely told story about a Latinx immigrant community’s successful journey to change legislation and protect families.


SWAMP DOGG GETS HIS POOL PAINTED (USA, 97 mins) 8:00 PM – SAT June 22 – Texas Theatre (Upstairs)

Dir. Isaac Gale, Ryan Olson

R.I.Y.L A Band called Death, Searching for Sugar Man

Hidden away deep in the suburban San Fernando Valley, legendary cult musician Swamp Dogg, alongside housemates Moogstar and Guitar Shorty, has transformed his home into an artistic playground. Together, they navigate the tumultuous waves of the music industry, and forge a wonderfully bizarre and inspiring path across time and space. From multi-talented MN artists Isaac Gale and Ryan Olson, Swamp Dogg celebrates the life and career of a singular talent whose legacy has quietly influenced every corner of popular music.

DFW Premiere

SWAMP DOGG and filmmakers Isaac Gale and Ryan Olson in attendance + live performance


ACID CANAL (USA, 87 mins) 1:45 PM – SUN June 23 – Bishop Arts Theater Center

Dir. Tyler Faires

R.I.Y.L The Smell of Money, Flow: For Love of Water

When a rural irrigation district in Northern California has its water cutoff during a historic drought, the community must join together to face the devastating impacts to their way of life and the environment around them.


Filmmaker Tyler Faires in attendance


RODEO GIRLS (France, 58 mins) 3:45 PM – SUN June 23 – Bishop Arts Theater Center

Dir. Justine Morvan & Kévin Noguès

R.I.Y.L [Cusp, Bull,]

Jessi, Naia and Shelby are just like any other girls. Or are they? Born in the heart of traditional Texas, heirs to a historically male-dominated pastoral culture, they are part of a new generation of women shaking up the male world of rodeo.


Preceded by

DYNASTY AND DESTINY (USA, 7 mins) – Dir. Travis Lee Ratcliff

A psychological portrait of the mother-daughter duo, Kanesha Jackson and Kortnee Solomon, bound together by their passion for the rodeo and the weight of their family’s legacy in the sport.


DOPPELGÄNGERS3 (UK, 70 mins) 8:15 PM – SAT June 22 – Bishop Arts Theater Center

Dir. Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian

R.I.Y.L [Spaceship Earth, All Light Everywhere, Samsara]

Doppelgängers³ draws on the experience of diasporas to challenge the commercialisation of the moon.Through encounters with doppelgängers and meetings with scientists, visionaries and cultural inventors, Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian and her doppelgängers offer an experimental vision and template for a future diaspora beyond Earth. How will human inhabitants of the moon understand origin, borders and nations?

DFW Premiere

Filmmaker Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian

Preceded  by

DEMI-GODDESSES (Germany, 8 mins) – Dir. Martin Gerigk

‘Demi-Goddesses’ is an essay about still dominant dark aspects of our modern society. It is conceived as a surreal anti-patriarchal thought experiment and raises important questions about gender, power, and social change, prompting us to reflect on how historical patterns of discrimination and oppression might be either repeated or overcome in a reversed gendered world. It challenges the viewer to confront their own assumptions and biases, and to consider the possibilities of a more equitable society.






(104 mins) 6:45 PM – FRI June 21 – Oak Cliff Assembly


ASPIRE: A SKYSCRAPER STORY (USA, 6 mins) – Dir. Zander Crowns

Opening in 1974, the First International building redefined the Dallas skyline and reigned above its competitors as the tallest building in the city. However, the building would face a myriad of challenges in the coming decades as it attempted to remain relevant. Ultimately, the First International would have to re-invent itself or face becoming just another Dallas-area office building.


A TEXAS MERMAID MOVIE (USA, 18 mins) – Dir. John David De Virgiliis

Eleven-year-old Katie and her dad reconnect after many years apart, with the help of a mermaid they meet in the San Marcos River.


EARTH TO KB (USA, 19 mins) – Dir. Em Shapiro

A portrait of KB Brookins: a Black queer, and trans Texas artist manifesting freedom in their present and future.


HAIR CARE (Côte d’Ivoire, 12 mins) – Dir. Fatima Wardy

When her hair braider disappears on her, a young woman must traverse an animated Ivory Coast in order to track her down.


RECYCLOS (USA, 18 mins) – Dir. Jordan Gros

Recyclos follows Poppy, the only “real human” left in existence, who runs a robot recycling facility. At “Recyclos” she takes robots at the end of their lives and transforms them into fully fleshed humans. Robots were created to help heal nature and restore peace to a world left in shambles by human destruction and overconsumption. At Recyclos, robots-turned-human have a second chance to experience life and all the wonders it has to offer. When Poppy meets Banjo, the world continues to grow a little more beautiful and a little more kind.


DORIS (Ghana, 18 mins) – Dir. Edem Dotse

In Ghana, a young woman struggles with disruptive fits and a growing jealousy towards her friend.


Co-Presented by TRG, For Oak Cliff & Crazy Water

This Shorts block will be preceded by short films from our Student Filmmaking Workshop. 



(59 mins) 7:30 PM – FRI June 21 – Bishop Arts Theater Center


DIGITAL AUTOMATIC WRITING! (USA, 6 mins) – Dir. Jeffrey Delano Davis

Navigating the depths of sorrow following a relative’s heart-wrenching diagnosis and a spate of school shootings across the U.S.A., screenwriter Jeffrey Delano Davis seeks solace and rediscovery through the art of Digital Automatic Writing.


THIS IS A STORY WITHOUT A PLAN (USA, 8 mins) – Dir. Cassie Shao

This Is a Story Without a Plan envisions two characters witnessing a constant explosion in different fragments of their lives. “The film was inspired by a past event that made me feel like I was watching an explosion slowly unfolding in front of me while unable to do anything about it. At the same time, I felt that I had to look at it so it would happen before it would finally pass. It is a tale of observers but of an unpredictable nature, reflecting on both the characters’ relationships with the explosion and each other.” – Shao


IF WE ONLY HAD EYES TO SEE (USA, 4 mins) – Dir. Peter Whittenberger

If Only We Had Eyes To See explores how quickly fortunes can change for gatekeepers of safety, natural resources, and wealth in the ravages of climate change. Trapped by antiquated concepts of nationalism and land rights, a lone figure is left to find safety in a world that denies migration as a fundamental human right.


HOT FISH (Israel, 7 mins) – Dir. Yael Reisfeld

A hungry lion fish in the red sea, accidentally swallows a fisherman’s porn-infested phone, turns into a glamorous seduction mutation, and experiences the complexity of human sexuality.


DEADLINE (Israel, 13 mins) – Dir. Idan Gilboa

Deadline is a black comedy stop-motion short that explores the power balance between bureaucracy, death and feline devotion of the elderly. At its center is a story of a brave friendship and solidarity between two senior ladies sickened by society’s disregard and disrespect.


  1. RABBIT (USA, 22 mins) – Dir. Bryan Lee

Don’t believe in yourself Mr. Rabbit, believe in Science!



(92 mins) 9:20 PM – FRI June 21 – Oak Cliff Assembly


THE RAINBOW BRIDGE (USA, 13 mins) – Dir. Dimitri Simakis

Tina and her elderly dog visit a mysterious clinic offering human-to-pet communication. However, they soon get more than they bargained for when two sinister doctors uncover a bond between them that transcends time and space. They might just be the key to something greater… but at what cost?


ROGER IS A SERIAL KILLER (USA, 10 mins) – Dir. Don Swaynos

A podcaster implicates her step-father in a series of unsolved murders, which makes for a compelling show but an awkward family reunion.


LIABILITY (USA, 6 mins) – Dir. Travis Aitken

Dr. John Spooks (a puppet) returns home to discover that his lovely wife, Karen (also a puppet), has been brutally attacked. The film savors the couple’s final moment together while inviting the audience to surmise the inescapable and unsavory past that brought John and Karen to this point.


ANEMOIA (USA, 13 mins) – Dir. Hannah Alline

In the grips of her own instability, a woman forms a troubling bond with a stationary bike, leading her on a journey into a parallel reality inhabited by seemingly flawless 1950s housewives.


DOUBLES (USA, 10 min) – Dir. Tim Yager, Alyssa Udovitsch

A woman realizes she’s committed a violent act during her routine tennis practice, but has this happened before? Will it happen again? She goes about her day, harboring a secret that may ultimately destroy her.


HI, YOU ARE CURRENTLY BEING RECORDED (USA, 8 mins) – Dir. Anna Maguire & Kyle Greenberg

Actress Anna is on a visit to Los Angeles from London to see a new flame. A leisurely wander quickly turns into an anxiety-inducing confrontation with surveillance.


DESTROYER (USA, 21 mins) – Dir. Judd Myers

An insecure man’s compulsion to know his partner’s secrets leads him to an underworld descent, where he makes contact with something non-human.


SMOKE CHEYYAKU BRO (DON’T SMOKE BRO) (USA, 13 mins) – Dir.Prithvi Raj Karreddula

It is another quiet night shift at the gas station. The regular clerk on call (Sai Santosh) is cleaning up the aisles and taking out the trash. On his way back from dropping the trash bags, he notices a young male (Anirudh) sitting on the pavement and talking on the phone. Anirudh is worried about having lost his job. Sensing Anirudh’s tension, Sai Santosh offers him some life advice which soon calms Anirudh. Everything looks to end well until a small, seemingly typical habit triggers some wholly unexpected behavior.



(89 mins) 12:25 PM – SAT June 22 – Texas Theatre (Downstairs)


BABE MAGNET (USA, 13 mins) – Dir. Rachel Kichler

Returning home to Houston after her grandfather’s funeral, Alex finds herself stuck at the airport and facing an endless string of flight delays. When the trip is ultimately canceled, she decides to band together with three other stranded women and rent a car from Corpus Christi to Houston. A mini road trip between strangers.


JEDO’S DEAD (USA, 12 mins) – Dir. Sara Nimeh

When a young Middle Eastern girl finds her grandfather dead, she is forced to grapple with the earthly rituals and spiritual loose ends of loss.


DEEP IN MY HEART IS A SONG (USA, 16 mins) – Dir. Jonathan Pickett

An aging country musician who’s struggling to make ends meet receives an offer for an unusual private gig. Based on the life of cowboy singer Johnny Bencomo, who plays himself in the film.


BLUE HOUR (USA, 16 mins) – Dir. J.D. Shields

Two personal journeys intersect when a struggling young photographer is hired for a cheap last-minute portrait gig. The unfolding photo session, while transient, leaves an indelible mark on both women.


THE MOURNING OF (USA, 23 mins) – Dir. Merced Elizondo

Maribel has been mourning the tragic loss of her mother in the most peculiar way imaginable— by secretly attending the funerals of strangers. After weeks of lying and searching for solace through the grief of others, her inability to move on finally catches up with her.


ILY, BYE (USA, 13 mins) – Dir. Taylor James

Siobhan (Meg Stalter) is a quirky, socially anxious mess who can’t seem to keep a job. Thanks to the help of her best friend Gary (Kanoa Goo), she scores an interview with his boss, Mr. Litchfield (Rainn Wilson). When her call to schedule the interview goes to voicemail, Siobhan panics and leaves a series of unhinged messages. Not wanting to lose the interview, she embarks on a chaotic mission to delete the voicemails herself…



(103 mins) 3:30 PM – SAT June 22 – Texas Theatre (Upstairs)


AHORA Y EN LA HORA DE NUESTRA MUERTE (Now and In the Time of Our Death) (Australia, 4 mins) – Dir. Sebastian Vaccaris

Observing all the world in a flower; an ecstatic study of color, a hum of petals opening, a cacophony of bells and saintly icons.Ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte is a hymn to the universal found in the minutiae of nature


THE LOST SEASON (USA, 6 mins) – Dir. Kelly Sears

The world is experiencing its final winter. A giant streaming company hires all available camera operators to film the final weeks of this soon-to-be-lost season. After seeing their footage as a form of ecological exploitation, the camera operators refuse to commodify further climate collapse with their labor.


DYSFLUENCY CIRCUIT (USA, 6 mins) – Dir. Dave Rodriguez

Human speech originates in neurological pathways deep within the brain, linking motor control centers to muscles and airways resulting in spoken language. Certain configurations of this system result in dysfluency, a disrupted flow of speech, commonly referred to as stuttering. While the signs of stuttering are easily visible to the outside observer–and often met with confusion or hostility–signal chains inside the speaker’s mind carve luminous loops and forge wayward networks. Utilizing neural mapping models, scans of decomposing nitrate film, and bare electrical signals from analog video equipment as source material, Dysfluency Circuit posits a neurological landscape of the stutterer, an internal physicality constantly at odds with the ableist urgency of everyday conversation and the capitalist economy.


APOCRYPHON (USA, 7 mins) – Dir. Jeremy Moss

A ritual, a preparation, a song, a spell, a performance. A short experimental portrait documentary featuring artist and queer alchemist [M] Dudeck with music by Brandon Michael. Play it loud.


AGAINST TIME (France, 23 mins) – Dir. Ben Russell

Ben Russell presents two conceptions of time: a space of rapid succession and a space of simultaneity. Against Time celebrates the moment as an entity in which an infinite number of realities comes together synchronistically.


LANGUAGE UNKNOWN (USA, 6 mins) – Dir. Janelle VanderKelen

Language Unknown embraces plant sentience as fact and speculates how beings of the vegetal variety might approach interspecies communication with humans (who are far more sensorially limited). Leaves, mycelium, and roots playfully examine how humans experience the world, and the (supposedly) silent watchers consider what language those swift blurs of humanity might possibly understand.


ASHES OF ROSES (USA, 12 mins) – Dir.

This movie is about loving things that are embarrassing and people who are inappropriate.  It’s an essay film reflection on popular trash; football parties; older men; adolescent desire and the outrageous yet mundane humiliations of being a teenage girl in the 1980s.  With sound design by Kevin T. Allen and performance cameos by filmmakers Roger Beebe and Jason Livingston.


UNTIL… (Iran, 14 mins) – Dir. Tanin Torabi

Until… is a single-take video, captured using only the switch between the front and back cameras of an iPhone by the performers. It was filmed during the 2022 “Woman Life Freedom” protests in Tehran, Iran. The video not only presents a highly intricate choreography for the camera, infused with the originality and urgency of what is deemed ‘possible’ in that specific situation, but also encapsulates the essence of unity, resilience, and purposefulness demonstrated by young artists responding creatively and courageously to an actual brutal situation in Iran.

“We walk. We run. We fall. We hug those who we love and then we run again. We walk together until the walls move.”


BLYTH (Australia, 5 mins) – Dir. Tom Dream

This short film music video hybrid is an exploration of the witch burnings and the dancing plagues of the 16th Century which swept across Europe like wildfire.



(89 mins) 3:00 PM – SUN June 23 – Kessler Theatre


I AM SOMEBODY (USA, 8 mins) – Dir. Scott Faris

When aspiring public defender Taylor Toynes notices his zip code in an article on the cradle-to-prison pipeline, he pivots to a career working with children, whose imaginations allow for a world in which zip codes don’t determine life outcomes.


WE CLAP FOR AIRBALLS (USA, 12 mins) – Dir. Sai Selvarajan

We Clap For Airballs is a layered documentary – visually, expressively, and thematically — where the basketball court is a safe space for queer and trans BIPOC people to play, feel seen, and valued by one another. With Swish, healing in the community happens on the blacktop.


BALLOON BOY (USA, 17 mins) – Dir. Arlin Golden, Brian Gersten

On October 15, 2009, America watched with rapt attention a large balloon float through the skies of Colorado on live TV…


THE QUEEN VS TEXAS (USA, 15 mins) – Dir. Emil Lozada, Raemonn James

In the fight for social justice and freedom of artistic expression, a drag queen makes sure Texas clearly knows that the LGBTQIA+ community isn’t going anywhere.


BEEPS (USA, 15 mins) – Dir. Kirk Johnson

Sam can’t sleep. His bedroom is surrounded on all sides by chirping smoke alarms, the sign of a low battery. So he does what any bleary-eyed problem solver would do…he sets out on an odyssey to find the annoying chirp and in the process, learns about himself, his neighbors and his place in the world.


JUST BENEATH THE SURFACE (Australia, 5 mins) – Dir. Jimmy John Thaiday

Jimmy John Thaiday of the Kuz and Peiudu clans, lives and works on the island of Erub, Torres Strait, Northern Australia. Erub, also known as Darnley Island is an island belonging to the Eastern group of the Torres Strait, close to the coast of Papua New Guinea, and is accessible only by small prop plane. “The ocean is always changing, shifting, and moving.

Like all creatures, we are affected by the forces that shape the ocean. The tides, waves, wind, and currents of the ocean bring us food and shape our culture.” – Thaiday


ART IS THE ARTIST (USA, 9 mins) – Dir. Sunny Perera

Stephen Zhang, an internationally acclaimed water media artist and professor, reflects on his artistic process for creating expressive and empathetic paintings.


RETRACING MY STEPS (USA, 10 mins) – Dir. Jason Jezek

Upon finding a cassette tape in a drawer, a filmmaker explores moments from his childhood that he has forgotten. A brief meditation on memory, identity, and growing up filtered through a lens of archival audio, video, and photographs.




(88 mins) 5:30 PM – SUN June 23 – Kessler Theatre


DARE GREATLY (USA, 4 mins) – Dir. Kerri Lendo

A woman’s journey for love and connection in the grocery store parking lot.


THE GHOST (USA, 11 mins) – Dir. Allyson Morgan

A woman is ghosted by the man she’s dating …and then the haunting begins.


THIS TIME WE’LL STAY (USA, 6 mins) – Dir. Moh Azima

A whimsical story about a couple fighting to stay together and the mountain hideaway that provides them refuge.


MANGER (USA, 9 mins) – Dir. Jimmy Joe Roche

A feral prophet of gutter wisdom takes the viewer on a walking tour outside an abandoned strip mall while offering a frenetic retelling of the Book of Genesis. Score by Dan Deacon.


VASTI: EASY PREY (USA, 8 mins) – Dir. David Pollock

Two young women head home after dining out only to be targeted by thugs, and their only hope to escape is in one of them revealing a secret that’s hard to believe.


LOS MOSQUITOS (Costa Rica, 14 mins) – Dir. Nicole Chi

A 15-year-old Honduran teen and her younger cousin must forge new bonds in the US and redefine their concept of family.


LUNCHBOX (USA, 16 mins) – Dir. Anne Hu

When a Taiwanese American woman prepares lunches from her childhood, she struggles to forgive herself for pushing away her immigrant mother.


WE ARE NOT ALONE (Canada, 11 mins) – Dir. Adebukola Bodunrin

Wumni, a reclusive young Nigerian immigrant, becomes convinced that a mysterious object approaching Earth’s orbit holds the key to her loneliness. Determined to decode the alien signal, she enlists the help of Jenny, a stranger and owner of a music shop. Adapted from the short comic by award-winning graphic novelist and screenwriter, Ezra Claytan Daniels, We Are Not Alone is a lo-fi sci-fi tale that delves into themes of connection, expectation, and false promises.


MONSTER COOKIE (USA, 10 mins) – Dir. John e. Kilberg

Frankie wants to pay their rent, go to work, and be a good roommate but is hijacked by their love for weed.









Pre-Festival VIP Badge Holder Welcome – 7:00 – 9:00 PM – Oak Cliff Assembly W

Pick up your OCFF VIP badge and join this year’s sponsors, filmmakers, and guests for a cocktail party kick-off event! Filmmaker, Press, Jury or VIP Badge required. Food provided by Taco Y Vino. Presented by Still Austin Whiskey Co, Tito’s and Vector Brewing





Behind the screen show with Dallas punk outfit PERDIDOS and south Texas post-progressive rockers DEZORAH – 10pm



VIP Badgeholder Happy Hour – 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM – Oak Cliff Assembly The annual VIP Cocktail Party at one of Oak Cliff’s newly restored properties.  The good vibes are all around us in the courtyard with drinks, snacks, tunes and fellowship  A delightful mix of drinks, a DJ and projection mapping by Lighware Labs will be provided.

Filmmaker, Press, Jury or VIP Badge required



LIVE Performance by Oak Cliff Ambient composer Black Taffy – Texas Theatre 11:00 PM





Legendary american soul artist SWAMP DOGG and MOOGSTAR play a rare live set behind the screen – 10pm  + DJ set by Oak Cliff Soul Collective in the lobby.





Closing Night After Party – 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM – Texas Theatre




Oak Cliff Cultural Center

Need a place to chill out during the fest?  We got you covered this year in our Wellness Lounge, where you can take a break, recharge and partake in a sound bath, yoga class or meditation.  Snacks and refreshments will be provided and class signups are available on our website.  Filmmaker, VIP, Press or Jury badge required to enter.  Wellness needs to be all around us

Presented by Ritual Zero Proof





Saturday, June 22

Oak Cliff Cultural Center

​​ ​ ​ ​​

Starting With A Short!!

10:30 – 12:00 PM

Sometimes, the best way to make your feature is to start with a short film.  Listen to filmmakers who have made short films as a starting point, or used their short films as a proof of concept for a feature film. Panelists include Safiye Sentürk, Noah Zoltan Smith, Merced Elizondo & Joel Potrykus


Co-Presented by Dallas Film Commission and the Oak Cliff Cultural Center


Austin Film Society Short Filmmakers Grant Workshop

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Since 1996, the Austin Film Society has awarded cash and in-kind grants to over 425 film and video artists across the state of Texas through the AFS Grant. Join the AFS staff to learn more about the 2022 AFS Grant for Short Projects that opens this July. Get more information about the opportunities available, the application and selection processes, and tips for a successful project application.


Co-Presented by Austin Film Society, Ley Line Entertainment and David Lowery

These free-to-the-public educational workshops are made possible with support from the Austin Film Society & The Oak Cliff Cultural Center. Panels will be limited capacity, RSVP required. Panels powered by AJA Video Systems and Sony


Ultimate Frisbee Workshop  – Kidd Springs Park 2:00 – 3:30

Ever been interested in Ultimate Frisbee? Maybe you just want to learn how to throw a frisbee the right way?   We’re hosting an all-ages frisbee workshop for anyone interested in the sport, or maybe who want some tips on their Disc Golf game.  The workshop will be led by Jamshid Khajavi, the subject of the documentary Ultimate Citizens, who uses the “flat ball” as a counseling tool with his students.  Kids and adults are invited to come enjoy a workout and boost your mood with a healthy dose of endorphins.  The outdoors are all around us (literally).  The first 50 participants will receive a custom frisbee.

Co-Presented by Crazy Water









The Oak Cliff Film Festival was established in 2012 as a regional film festival in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas. The festival has been received national acclaim from prominent sources including The New York Times, Filmmaker Magazine, and Moviemaker Magazine. The Oak Cliff Film Festival is the main program of the 501 3(c) Oak Cliff Film Society. The Oak Cliff Film Festival, headquartered at the legendary Texas Theatre, features the very best of Oak Cliff’s historic theater venues, highlights the popular restaurants and bars of the area, and seeks to showcase and cultivate the best of independent and brave filmmaking of all stripes from Texas and beyond. If you would like to get more information about the Oak Cliff Film Festival or its line-up, visit or follow us – @filmoakcliff.


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