After Last Season Is Really Opening This Friday?!

Is it really true? Two months ago, when the trailer to After Last Season became an internet sensation, the supposed release date of June 5th seemed far enough away to add more head-scratching mystery to the situation. Well, ladies and gentlemen, in case you haven’t checked your calendar, this coming Friday is June 5th. And according to the After Last Season website, the film is indeed scheduled to open in four incomprehensibly lucky cities this weekend:

Lancaster, CA

North Aurora, IL

Rochester, NY

Austin, TX

I am planning to be in Rhode Island for the duration of Newport International Film Festival, but I’m seriously contemplating skipping out early Sunday morning and driving the 7.5 hours to Rochester to see it for myself.

If anyone is attending these screenings, please comment here to confirm or deny if this is indeed a masterful inside joke or if that cardboard M.R.I. machine is presented with genuine sincerity. Which will it be? Will it really be? Will it?

Life is strange…

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