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Qualities Of Better Film #14 of 31: Pleasure (including Humor, Thrills, & Beauty)

What is it that we love when we love a film? What is my taste and why is it not your taste? Is there really something that makes a movie good? I went a long time without asking these questions. I think most of do and probably a large share of us never really ask these questions of ourselves. We watch, walk away, ponder, but are content to just feel it in the moment. But yet, if art film is a film which we feel compelled to talk about after we see it, what is it that we want to talk about? What makes it work, or not? THIS IS PART OF AN ONGOING SERIES IN AN ATTEMPT TO ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS (AT LEAST FOR ME PERSONALLY):

What is the delight that we get to experience due to what the film presents to us?
Was the film enjoyable? Has the film taken us to a place that we enjoy? Was the time taken to watch the film worth the investment of the time? Whether they are heady or escapist, we want to have fun of some sort. Films are a unique art form and we delight when we witness filmmakers exploiting that the uniqueness. Sound and vision. Story telling and the passage of time. Passion and pratfalls. All these things that filmmakers can exploit, yet there are many films that seem to ignore them completely.

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