Zero Film Festival New York Premiere (8/20/09)

In their own words, the Zero Film Festival’s mission is to be “the first festival EXCLUSIVE to self financed filmmakers and the authentically independent films they create.” This raises interesting questions, but I’m all for any festival or collective that aims wants to provide an outlet for filmmakers who are putting their own money where there cameras are.

Tonight, at Galapagos in Williamsburg, the Zero Film Festival makes its New York City debut leading up to their week-long festival in December. This sounds like quite an event, in which three screening blocks will showcase work from the following artists: Guy Ben-Ner, Alia Raza, Victor Varnado, Rodrigo Lopresti, Sunset Television, Peru Ana Ana Peru, Jesse Gelaznik, Elaine Lima, Bianca Ahmadi, Lovisa Inserra, “Mike Smith”, Zach Clark, Mary Wall Bronstein, Casey RAnderson, Jacquelyn Gallo, Lena Dunham, Timothy Saccenti, Team Zero and more.

If you’re looking to get inspired for your own self-financed film production, this seems to be a great place to do just that. Go here to buy tickets.

— Michael Tully

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