Monday Short Film Pick 8/23/10 – LITTLE FARM

Last week, we went with a straight shot of humor to perk you guys up on a slow Monday morning. While this week’s pick also has a splash of humor, it is a splash of a much, much sicker variety. For many years now, Calvin Reeder has been making disturbingly unique short films in the Pacific Northwest, which are equal parts absurdist comedy, folk art reverie, and horror gore-fest. Shot on scuzzy Super 8, Reeder’s films are descents into worlds that seem normal enough at first (well, kind of), but before you know it, you’re spinning around inside a full-blown nightmare.

The Rambler (watch that one over at Hulu) and The Snake Mountain Colada (watch it at Gawker) are more recent efforts that gleefully shock and unsettle, but 2006’s Little Farm might be my favorite of the bunch (an added hat tip to Tze Chun, who recommended this film in an email query I sent out asking for standout short work available online). One can only imagine what Reeder has in store for us with his feature debut, The Oregonian. For now, sit back and “enjoy” this demented slice of Americana as realized by the one and only Calvin Reeder.

***If you hadn’t gathered from the above description, unless you work for Fangoria, Reeder’s films are pretty much 100% NSFW.***

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