SXSW ‘09: A Disclaimer

This site was created with the overriding mission that our writers would also be involved in filmmaking in some way, shape, or form. At this year’s South By Southwest Film Festival, a few of our sturdiest contributors will be world premiering their own features, a concept that raises possible questions of nepotism. After discussing this dilemma with the HTN powers-that-be, as well as with various voices throughout the industry, we have settled on the following guidelines:

No contributor is allowed to write a review of a film that he or she worked on in any capacity.

However, if a writer genuinely responds to a film made by someone else on the HTN team, this is fair game.

We are here to primarily write about low-budget, under-the-radar films that might otherwise slip through the cracks, and to exclude a film from consideration for these tenuous reasons seems to betray the mission of our site. Our friendships with and connections to individuals within the indie film world shouldn’t be crosses to bear. If anything, they are proof that we are engaged and involved participants in this community. If you think this is all some incestuous circle jerk, read my review of Treeless Mountain or David Lowery’s review of Silent Light or Cullen Gallagher’s review of Billy the Kid.

We love movies, and we’re here to write about them.

Now, let the SXSW games begin!


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