*Watch It Right Now* — OH MY GOD

If you’ve never seen John Bryant’s classic short Oh My God, boy, are you in for a treat. Watch it right now. This is not a suggestion. This is an order: stop what you’re doing for the next 10 minutes and watch this movie, damn it!

Since the premiere of Oh My God back in 2004, Bryant has continued to produce hilariously disturbing films (Momma’s Boy, Loveolution, The Overbrook Brothers). But at the very moment—as in, the clock… is… quickly… ticking…—he’s trying to raise a meager 8k to produce his newest short, John 3:16, which sounds like another awesomely warped classic in the making.

Though we have never previously plugged Kickstarter campaigns here at HTN because frankly our skin is too sensitive (“if you did it for that one, then why wouldn’t you do it for mine? come on, you dumb jerks!”). Yet after having recently launched this *Watch It Right Now* series, and having just revisited the glorious Oh My God, well, here we are.

Contribute right now to Bryant’s Kickstarter campaign, which ends at 11:37pm (EST) on Thursday, August 22nd (2013), so that he can bring his vision to light [UPDATE: In the time that I started prepping this post, Bryant appears to have reached his goal!]

I really, really, really wanna see this movie.

— Michael Tully


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