DVD RELEASES 2009/7/14

This is one of those weeks where I feel like I must not be doing my job very well, as the most relevant releases have gone unseen by my eyes. But we plan to keep this a recurring event at HTN, so this time around, you’ll have to settle for a more stripped down, alphabetized list. Short and sweet, which leaves more time for watching-watching-watching (click on the links below to purchase the titles at Amazon):

12 (Sony Pictures Classics) [DVD]

Eldorado (Film Movement) [DVD]

Explicit Ills (Peace Arch) [DVD and Blu-ray]

FLicKeR (Alive Mind) [DVD]

For All Mankind (Criterion) [DVD and Blu-ray]

Grey Gardens (HBO) [DVD]

Mad Men: Season 2 (Lionsgate) [DVD and Blu-ray]

The State: The Complete Series (MTV) [DVD]

— Michael Tully

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