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Qualities Of Better Films #27 of 31: ACCESS TO THE SUBCONSCIOUS

As film combines so many diverse elements, it has a profound ability to access what lies beneath. We experience emotions and sensations in a way with cinema that we do nowhere else. David Lynch is certainly the leader among contemporary filmmakers whom attempts to tell a different sort of story on screen. Some filmmakers may chose to dwell on the surface or in other levels of meaning, but since the attempt to explore the subconscious is on everyone’s palate, it is surprising how rare a trait in films this actually is. You have to wonder why with such a powerful tool at their disposal more filmmakers to stake out this ground. Yet, when such access is achieved, I am always impressed, even when it preys upon that which I wish went undisturbed. Luis Bunuel was such a master at this, for even in his straight narrative features, he would frequently hit below the depths of our daily existence and thus question the order of our world. How many films do that nowadays?

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