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WATCHER Trailer: Maika Monroe Stars In New Gaslighting Thriller

Chloe Okuno’s chilling directorial debut Watcher premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and is now screening at SXSW. In this tale of stalking and gaslighting, she cast modern-day scream queen Maika Monroe (It Follows) as the protagonist who questions both her safety and reality. IFC Midnight and Shudder picked up the film earlier this year and is now set for a June 3 theatrical release.

Monroe stars as Julia, a young American woman who uproots her life to accompany her husband (Karl Glusman) to Bucharest, Romania where he received a job promotion. As she spends more time alone, she notices a shadowy figure staring at her from the opposite apartment. Her curiosity over this figure soon turns to fear when she learns there is a serial killer of women on the prowl.

In her Sundance review, Bears Rebecca Fonte said “It’s a masterful manipulation of the audience from director Okuno who knows just how and when to pull our conclusions as the plot demands… Of course, none of this film would work if it wasn’t for a frantic feat of performance from Maika Monroe to rival Ingrid Bergman herself. With minimal dialogue and situation after situation where basically the same thing happens, Monroe always manages to find a new level or tactic to play.”

Watch the trailer below:

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