Busy Weekend For Movies in NYC (and Beyond)

Here are some of the most noteworthy theatrical events in NYC this weekend:

Flow – If you haven’t already, read my review of Irena Salina’s powerful documentary about the world’s water crisis. This movie absolutely terrified me.

Moving Midway – Critic Godfrey Cheshire’s first film is an impressive, thoughtful one. Although it isn’t as towering an achievement as Margaret Brown’s The Order of Myths (for what is, really?), Moving Midway speaks to the complexities of modern race relations in the South—and our connection to the not-so-distant past—with honesty and intelligence.

Able Danger – Read Brandon Harris’ review of Paul Krik’s ambitious low-budget conspiracy thriller, which opened at The Pioneer yesterday (as well as other cities across America—details can be found here). [Pointless editor’s side note: this movie was shot in my neighborhood, Ditmas Park, and since I watched a few weeks ago it I can’t walk around the block at night without thinking something conspiratorial is about to happen to me. Thanks, Paul Krik!]

Christmas on Mars – Ouch. For a band as life-affirming and spectacle-inducing as the Flaming Lips, this is one shockingly narcoleptic movie. There are pleasures to be had, but I’m still having trouble grasping the fact that Wayne Coyne wrote and directed something so lifeless. Coyne’s green Martian character doesn’t say one word, let alone sing! My concern before seeing the movie was that Wayne would go overboard with confetti and colors and sing-a-longs and psychedelic Christmas Carols and it would become numbing, but it turns out he numbed me the other way. Lips fans should certainly take the time to see it, just know what you’re getting into.

Robert Downey: A Prince – Anthology Film Archives follows up their great Jerry Schatzberg mini-retrospective with this collection of seldom seen films from Robert Downey Sr. In preparation for the series, Nelson Kim wrote a great piece on Downey’s best known satire, Putney Swope. Brandon Harris will be delivering a verdict on the Anthology series early next week, so stay tuned for that.

Robert Flaherty Film Seminar – I highly recommend you visit BAM at some point this weekend to take in their very special five-film series that includes: Calavera Highway, Casa de Lava, The Exiles, The Land and Black Sea Files, and God is My Safest Bunker (with two shorts). Go here for details.

Towelhead – Obviously, we aren’t going to write about the Ted Hope-produced Towelhead on this site to avoid potential conflict-of-interest attacks from the cheap seats, but it certainly needs to be mentioned.

Burn After Reading – The new Coen Brothers appears to be getting mixed reactions, which isn’t anything new.

Rooftop Films – Summer has turned to fall, but the Rooftop Films crew is still going strong. Tonight is a program called “New York Non-Fiction” and tomorrow night is “Dark Toons.” Visit their official website for details.

That oughtta get you started…

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