For those of you who don’t live near a biggish city and don’t play the all-region DVD game, this week’s most notable release is a movie that you’ve almost certainly been hearing about for a few years now. Even on the small screen, it will wow you. Yet that’s not the only new release worth checking out. As usual, Criterion continues to pop out newly packaged classics like a fertile chicken does eggs, and there is more goodness to be had on Blu-ray. Yes, ma’am, it’s another yummy week, indeed.


Silent Light (Vivendi Entertainment) — For those who saw Carlos Reygadas’ confrontational Battle in Heaven, his spiritually-minded follow-up, Silent Light, will come as a double shock to the system. Reygadas taps into his inner Carl Dreyer for this stunningly photographed tale of adultery set in a Mennonite community in Mexico. Read David Lowery’s review, then buy it on DVD.

Sleep Dealer (Maya Entertainment) — Alex Rivera’s impressively low-budget science-fiction drama casts a convincingly futuristic spell. Read my full review, then buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.

Valentino: The Last Emperor (Phase 4 Films) — For those viewers with a major aversion to any- and everything relating to the fashion industry (i.e., yours truly), Matt Tyrnauer’s Valentino: The Last Emperor will be quite a pleasant surprise. That’s because it isn’t merely a a flashy expose. It turns out to be one of the more interesting screen romances of recent memory. Read my full review, then buy the DVD or Blu-ray.


The Human Condition, Homicide, That Hamilton Woman


The New World: The Extended Cut, Requiem for a Dream, Menace II Society

— Michael Tully

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