Pick of the Week

Tuesday, After Christmas (Lorber Films) — If your marriage or long-term relationship is on the rocks, you might not want to watch Radu Muntean’s domestic tour-de-force, which is as devastatingly honest and realistic a depiction of adultery and a marriage’s subsequent dissolution as you will ever see. Lots of films employ the long-take technique, but in this particular case, Muntean’s decision to let his scenes unfold in this manner proves to be vital to the film’s heartbreaking power. It forces viewers to suffer through this excruciating ordeal in real time without having the comfort of somewhere to hide. Tuesday, After Christmas is a real crusher and one of the year’s very best films. Available on DVD.


Jane’s Journey (First Run Features) — Available on DVD.

Sorta Recommended

Brighton Rock (MPI Home Video) — Available on DVD.

New/Old to Blu-ray/DVD

Sid & Nancy (MGM) — Now available on Blu-ray (still available on DVD).

Have Not Seen Yet But Really/Kinda/Sorta/Maybe Wanna

The First Grader (National Geographic) — Available on DVD.

Fish Story (Pathfinder Home Entertainment) — Available on DVD.

Pete Smalls is Dead (Image Entertainment) — Available on DVD.

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