An Awkward Funny Moment

Whaddya know, this week’s Monday Short Film Pick is NotSafeForWork either! But it’s a perfect example of how, when done well, three minutes is all it takes to get the job done. Texas-based filmmaker James M. Johnston captures a steamy tryst in a nightclub that takes a turn for the comical thanks to a rather brilliantly witty bit of bathroom graffiti. Visit Johnston’s site, Beautiful Confusion Films, to watch more of his work, but for now, stop what you’re doing and watch Receive Bacon:

(With regards to Receive Bacon, Johnston has attached a personal note to his free uploads on YouTube and Vimeo that we wanted to include here: If you like this film please support me by buying a DVD here:​film/​4209. It’s only $3.95!)

— Michael Tully

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