First off, thanks so very much to those of you who submitted your films to our December contest. You guys delivered a particularly fresh and exciting batch of entries! A big thank you also goes out to our judges—Ira Sachs (Keep The Lights On, Forty Shades of Blue), Matt Grady (Factory 25), and Penny Lane (The Voyagers)—for carving some time out of their busy schedules to judge this month’s contest.

Well, it was bound to happen, and this month, it finally did. When the judges’ votes were tallied up, two films had the same number of votes. Which means that this month, we don’t have a runner-up at all. Instead, we have two winners!

Someone Else’s Heart (Zachary Wigon, 17:29)

In Someone Else’s Heart, writer/director Zachary Wigon explores his own suspicions about the puzzling direction in which romantic human interaction has been heading in the early 21st century. Though Wigon’s film asks more questions than it answers—in a good way, mind you—by the end, his point is made very clear: before you start dating someone, you should probably actually meet them first. Read the full HTN review.



A World For Raúl (Mauro Mueller, 15:00)

With A World For Raúl, Mauro Mueller bravely recounts one of those adolescent incidents that can forever shape the course of a youngster’s life. Though his approach to this sensitive material is bracingly frank, Mueller’s direction never feels exploitative or sensationalistic. A World For Raúl is too busy stinging with real, honest emotion for that. Read the full HTN review.



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